Pen holder

Last week I wrote about filling your own pens.

I really like doing it that way instead of having a bunch of different plastic disposable pens. It’s kind of like having a nice Montblanc fountain pen instead of a bunch of Bic’s.

If I am going to have some decent looking pens, I thought I should have a good way of keeping them organized instead of just lying around. After trying many different things and not being really happy with any of them, I decided I just needed a pen holder. It’s kinda like something you can put on your desk or in your office. All I need now is a desk or an office…


@Eric Your organizational skills should absolutely get you not just any office, but the corner office.


@Eric, do you use specific insulins in specific cases, or is it more for experimentation?

All the insulins pictured have a specific purpose.
As I wrote about recently (, I use Lantus in the morning and Levemir at night. Occiasionally I use NPH at night along with Levemir, but only if I have extra basal needs at nighttime.

I use Apidra for meals, and the micro-dosing pen (the one pictured above with the yellow label) I use for small corrections of increments of 0.1 units. And for IV dosing I use Humalog, but I do that with syringes not a pen, so it’s not pictured.

So it’s 6 different things I use with regularity.

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Do you make any other things besides diabetes gadgets?

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I make trouble. Lots of it.

Yep, I make different things. I already showed you the picture of my still, Capt. Sam!

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