Pancreas being a little a$$

Back in the hospital. Pancreas is being a Tasmanian Devil the last few weeks. I just don’t have it in me to ride out the pain, nausea, not being able to eat for days, oh, and the PAIN. I usually do just ride it out- that’s why my cupboards always have blue frost gatorade.I haven’t been well recently anyway, (unintentionally lost 25 lbs🤷‍♀️) so right now I don’t feel as though I can manage keeping myself alive through this most recent bout. Constantly changing insulin doses is too hard to keep track of while being in this state. Although this hospital is truly back-asswards about doling out the insulin.
Sometimes I just have to admit to not being a superwoman.

I just hope I get back home to finish the cookies and fudge before Xmas…


So sorry you are going through this @Mariethm. Sending you warm vibes and hoping you get well very soon.


Very sorry to hear that.
Hope you get out in time to finish your baking!


That’s a miserable thing to happen at anytime and compounded by the upcoming holidays. Wishing you good health soon.


Wishing you the best and a swift recovery.


While I haven’t had your problem I think we all can understand the frustration of not feeling well and trying to deal with BG frustrations. Big hugs and love your way. I hope you feel better soon.


@Mariethm Sorry to hear of what you’re enduring. Hope resolve and resolution come your way.


Hope you are feeling better today!


@Mariethm I am so sorry you are so ill. Hoping the caregivers at the hospital are treating you gently and well and that you’re able to get back home soon. Sending you a big hug and so much care xoxo


Thank you all for the well-wishes. It was a rough night. Today’s not great, as I still can’t eat, and ended up having to basically beg the drs to put me back on IV fluids. It’s also been a bit of a fight over my meds, but I’m used to that. Once again, all of the ER nurses rocked and left me to my own devices (literally)
Less pain today, and very lightheaded, but that may be the morphine talking. I hate putting my hubby through all of this, but sometimes you just gotta do what’s right for you.

Once again, thank you!
(I really hope the cookies and fudge are not all eaten when I get home.)
I will keep updating on the cookue/fudge situation


Quick update, as things have gone downhill. The next stupid young dr who tries to touch me soothingly, and says, “I understand” (sometimes followed by “You need to drop the attitude”) is going to be kicked in the nads.
I’m very sorry if that was offensive, I didn’t mean it to be.
Advocating for myself is exhausting…


I’m so sorry to hear that. There are some doctors that you really wish to do that kick too.


“I understand” is probably the stupidest thing for a doctor to say. Unless of course they have had the issue/disease themselves. The “you need to drop the attitude” is never appreciated. I hope you are turning the corner soon and on the mend.


I’m trying hard to be positive about all this, as it may be awhile in here. It’s really too many SNAFUs to even talk about it.
Suffice it to say, I’m now in the other campus of the same hospital, and my GI guys are overseeing my care. Drs before pushed me to eat solid food quickly, so I’m NPO until further notice. But, hopefully, we’ll really get my pancreas to shut up for awhile if done right.

This side of the hospital is actually very decent about diabetes management. I’m allowed to administer my own basal, and since I’m not eating humalog hasn’t come up. I’ve had some alarming lows; as much as I like Tresiba, it is really not ideal in this situation. So, my nurse actually asked me if I want LR with dextrose until we figure out my dosage, or I start eating. I said yes, as I have zero reserves of energy left, I’m so out of it that I have no compass right now regarding BG, and this is safer right now. But, they’re actually asking me what I want to do, which is outstanding.

Cookies were all eaten, and the fudge is rock hard. As told to me by hubby. I think he just doesn’t want me to suggest that HE decorates them! I was going to make little balls of fudge all rolled fancy. I’m sure everything is lined up on the counter, waiting for me.

As usual, you guys rock!
I hope everyone is/will enjoy their (respective) holidays!


I have some fruitcake I can send you! Homemade for folks that don’t like fruitcake! Made w/ Splenda or allulose (your pick!)! Still costs you 26.4 carbs per small slice though…


Dude, I’ll even try your fruitcake if I ever get out of here! :upside_down_face:


I’d go for some Christmas fruit cake, that had the fruit simmered in brandy and the cake given a weekly tipple 11 weeks. No dry, yucky store bought cake.


That’s good news and sounds like your GI guys know what they’re doing! Hope you improve rapidly and can enjoy Christmas at home. :christmas_tree:


@Mariethm advocating for yourself is f’ing exhausting, especially when you are exhausted. I am so sorry you are going through this. Wishing you had someone there to stand over you, know exactly what you needed, and to boss everyone else around. Glad you are now on the “right” side of the hospital and I’m pulling for you to hopefully get the care that you need. Please get the rest that you need, take it all slowly, and try for getting a little better each day. xoxo


I am home. Not sure my pancreas is done wigging out, but seemed like the best call. Trying gabapentin for long-term pain. I know some have had mixed reviews, or it completely didn’t work. We’ll see in a couple weeks…
Fat-free food for a while for me.
The fudge somehow completely crystallized. Not sure what happened, it was perfect when I left. I think I fixed it, we’ll see tomorrow. Too tired to play with food that I can’t eat.
Maybe at some point, I’ll go into all the craziness, but I think D-wise, the worst was this quote from a diabetes dr from Joslin, “Your morning blood sugar was 70. I think we have to lower your Tresiba”. Oh, the horrors!