Packing for a Pump Break: What am I going to need?

This new thread is ironic because I actually think I have a thread about my own pump break… but I figured, with all these new inquiries, maybe a fresh start is in line…

Here’s the question: What does one need to do to prepare for a pump break? What type of insulin would they need? What types of syringes? Pen needles? What can they expect? Any tips that might help them make a relatively smooth transition?

@Eric, I don’t know if you can help out here as it is a general question, but how might one determine a starting dose for their long acting insulin? Is there a way for someone to calculate their own? Or is this something that absolutely needs to be taken up with The Endo? :slight_smile:

I’m in love with my pump break. It’s not perfect, but it’s all mine. And it’s just what my overloaded brain needed. I have some friends who are considering doing the same, and I’d love to help them get organized for if and when they decide to embark…


I don’t think it needs to involve an endo. Sure, if someone has a good endo, they can ask them. But if someone has experience, they can figure it out them self.

On the 670G, can you look at your basal amount for a day? Is there anyway to get meaningful data from the pump and translate it?

Worst case, if the pump does not give you any meaningful data, and the person has never done MDI, they can start from scratch. There are some very basic formulas that are available that take your weight and give you a starting point for basal amount. Just like they use for newly diagnosed diabetics.

But ideally - since your thread is about switching off a pump - I would start with the pump’s basal amounts and translate that over to units of basal.

But where it starts to become something that you need specifics for - such as for your friend - it depends on what type of basal insulin they will be using, and the basal dose times, and whether their basal needs are flat throughout the day or if they need more at night versus daytime, and all of that stuff.

If you recall how we did your transition to Levemir, that was relatively smooth I think, right? A reasonable starting point and then some adjustments and ultimately going to 3x per day because your duration wasn’t lasting enough for 2x per day. So for your friend, maybe the same type of startup and adjustment.

BTW, how is yours doing now? Did you try the little dose of rapid at 11pm to fix that spike? Where are you in your MDI experience now?

Things you need - syringes or pen, a rapid insulin, a basal insulin, and pen needles if you are using a pen. If you are using syringes, get the ones with the 1/2 unit markings if their TDD is not extremely high (as in, 1/2 unit can make a big difference).

The problem with a basal pen is that I don’t know what basal they have with 1/2 units for a pen. This is our list on FUD:

There may be a 1/2 unit basal pen, but I don’t know what it is! So for that reason, I like syringes for basal.

If someone uses a 1/2 unit basal pen, please share the name and NDC with us!


I’ve got a much longer answer to all of this, of course, but my first very quick answer/confession is no, I have not tried the extra bolus. In fact, last night it was the perfect storm; I over-corrected a late evening crash, did my Levemir half hour late, and got lost in FUDland controversies (thank you @T1Allison :grin:) and Honest Exchange drama and forgot to look. Same pattern I was describing, but it was a tsunami compared to the more common impressive wave. I’d include the picture but then would have to retitle the thread to *whatever you do, don’t do MDI”. :grin:

This wasn’t a very quick answer at all, as it turns out.

Okay, I’ll be back for the rest of my response, but first I must page people.

Thank you, Eric, for taking the time. :heart:


@mattie, @breaddrink, @Jattzl, @Pgithens

We know you don’t need a break, @breaddrink, just trying not to leave you out. And we KNoW how much you love your dexcom, @Pgithens… just including you, too…


DN, the first thing of course, is that anyone who is taking a break from the 670G needs to acknowledge that it is their fault, not the pump’s fault, and that they must be doing something wrong if the pump is not working for them…

Just kidding new people. That’s a Nicky joke, she can explain it.


I get Nicky’s joke as I happily divorced 670 a while ago. I had to have therapy for leaving a cult. jk

Thank you @Nickyghaleb and @Eric! I will be following along and also review previous posts. I love and am totally happy with my Tandem Tslim X2 and G6 with Basal IQ but it gives me confidence to know that I would know what to do just in case. I’ve shared with @Nickyghaleb about starting the process but hitting a wall when I realized I can’t find pens or syringes to give less than .5. I am very insulin sensitive. When it moved into having to have insulin diluted it hit the overwhelmed point! Someone asked me how I did it pre-pump and cgm and I said “not very well” haha. It was just a shot in the dark and usually ran high to avoid so many lows. Also struggled with a strong Dawn Phenomenon that I could never control.


Yes? No?? Bad place for the joke? :grin:


Yes, and you almost seemed like you were explaining yourself… it’s your process to start or not, woman. You’ll do it if and when you ever feel the urge to.

And if there is a place where they might have an idea what to do about this, this is it.

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@Robin31… I did NOT forget you. You were already here. Even though you say you don’t frequent the joint…:wink:

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If I were unhappy with how things are going now I would be more proactive in trying to find an alternative. I still would like to have the information. My objective is always an effort to take some of the burden off (like that’s possible). It was my goal when I started the 670. HA did I get slapped in the face with that hope. Anyway I’m the closest to taking away some of the burden without giving up control than I ever have been. Oh Oh I slipped into off subject stuff kinda to preach. No, Nicky, I do not have my X2 t-shirt on :tongue:

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It is a reasonably easy thing to do. I have a pen that is setup for 0.1 unit doses. If you want to do it, I can tell you all the things you would need to pull it off. It really is not that hard, don’t feel overwhelmed. Lemme know if you want to try it.

Alex O’Meara wrote about it on ASweetLife, and used a picture of my pen in his article. The diluent is free from Lilly, BTW.


Thank you! VERY good to know that it is not a big hurdle.

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If there’s a rule about no preaching here, no one’s slapped it on me yet… and I’m not sure what they’d be waiting for…

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A pen of what? Novolog?? I could do this with novolog?? Would there be a way to fine tune my syringe injections at all?? I’m currently just kind of blasting away at .5 unit injections and just making up for the difference with snacks. This is doable, but fine tuning it would be awesome, too.

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The disposable NovoLog pens are not refillable like the disposable Humalog pens, but yes, you could do it with a NovoLog pen that uses cartridges.

If you have a non-disposable NovoLog pen, it’s pretty easy.

You would need diluent. You can get if free from Lilly Pharmaceuticals. It’s also free for friends of Eric, if you want me to send you some.

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That is very nice of you. Maybe I can send you an emergency/survival pack in exchange?


Or some A1C tips? :rofl:


@Michelejean… This is for you, too. Because you can’t do a pump with that outfit. No, ma’am. :heart:

Lord gurl, that outfit is TAME. And yes, I need to be in this thread. Just for the jokes more than anything… (that was a joke, FYI) :grimacing:
I’m seriously considering setting myself free for a bit and using the pen. Oh my gosh. I said that OUT LOUD… 670G AM fixin to go haywire because of that statement. I can feel it…


There you are. :heart:

Tame? Tame?? You know I have my dress pic… I was all like yeah, I’m gonna post that, but then I was like oh no… I can’t post that.

Are you serious about a break?? Wait… but WHY?? You’ve got auto on lockdown… :thinking:

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I just wanna say I did it. AM Is good, but I want to see if I can go without a few days… I’m a self-tormenter that way…

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