So I am wondering what’s a reasonable way to spread the word of this forum via real world interaction. For example, today I got my phone replaced at the Apple Store and the young man who was helping me was proudly wearing his Medtronic pump on his belt. He replaced my phone and went on to the next customer without a word being said about it although I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps we’d have had a lot to talk about. I’m thinking business cards? In my travels I encounter people either dealing with diabetes or talking about it pretty frequently… and usually I just sit there and don’t say a word. But now we have a better place to invite them to… maybe once we get more established and get an emblem and such we can look into that?


I think this is a good idea. We could create a simple yet attractive business card template that members could download and have printed inexpensively. I know I would do it.

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What a GREAT idea!

Not sure I understand the “more established” part. The way we get established is to invite people and build the community, right? Do you mean once we become “live”?

I think once we are available on-line, start inviting. But let me know if that is not what you guys are thinking.

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Yeah I basically just mean when we open the doors to the public

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Downloadable flyers would be great, too…
After requesting permission, we can post them at physicians offices, libraries, grocery stores, work and college campuses and more.