Ooops! Heat and Afrezza?

Mannkind has been trying to send us a three month supply of Afrezza for months now, and finally it got approved by insurance and with a coupon it was only $15 for a three month supply. They sent one out, and it felt like the next week they were calling to send another shipment out. They have switched pharmacies on the West Coast that they use, so I was having people calling me literally every week trying to ship me Afrezza. So I finally relented one morning and let them ship it, because I felt like it’d been long enough that we could use it. But then of course, we left town. And my housesitter kindly tried to be helpful and put the package with the insulin into the sunroom. Where it sat for a week. Not refrigerated.

Well, that happened.

I feel pretty awful that I forgot to leave instructions to have it put in the fridge, I just totally spaced out that it was even coming. Unfortunately they didn’t send a tracking number to ring my bell.

Anyhow now I’ve got three months of Afrezza that was still on a cool ice pack but certainly not refrigerated. I’ve shoved it into the fridge again.

EH will use it as a test run, but I’m curious if anyone else has allowed it to remain at “unsafe temps” and what’s happened.

My guess is it’ll be fine? NovoLog certainly is. :slight_smile:


What do you think the average/high temp was in the sunroom ?

Just a guess, but if at or under 75/80, then probably ok.
I have brought mine on vacations and had times where it went several days in that range, and were fine.

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Hopefully under 80°.

I figured it’d be fine. But I felt so stupid when I found it this morning.

Trying to stay on top of prescriptions and deliveries and whatnot just requires a lot of work. Just when I get the hang of something, there’s a change that happens. :slight_smile:

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