How long can Afrezza be left outside the refrigerator?

I have a trip coming in a couple weeks, and I’m not sure how much Afrezza I’ll use. I planned to bring quite a bit because I’ll probably have some high carb foods while I’m there. French pastries?? Belgian fries?? Delish!!!

However, I don’t want to waste any Afrezza. The package insert says that if it’s left outside of the refrigerator, it must be used within 10 days.

I’m wondering if anyone has experimented with Afrezza after it’s been left outside of the refrigerator for 10 days. Can I just refrigerate it again once I come home (after ~12 days have passed) and continue using it as needed?

I tend to use Humalog for more high protein or high fat meals, and I use Afrezza for high carb. I don’t want to bother planning out what I will eat while I’m there. That just sounds ridiculous. I’m not too worried about Humalog being unrefrigerated or even wasted. I’m still trying to stock up my Afrezza stash though.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!


@Katers87 I have no suggestions or advice, but I do hope you have a fantastic trip!

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A guy named Matt in Australia did a greenhouse test. In it he said:

The blister pack spent 161 days without refrigeration before this test. It was first put in the heated hothouse on August 22nd, and then taken out on December 5th (105 days). After that, it spent 56 days in the hottest room in my house during a typically hot Australian summer. Melbourne had 20 days above 90° F (32.2° C), and 5 days above 100° F (37.8° C) during the test period.

I would link his site “” but it no longer exists. To bad. It was a great Aftezza blog site.

That said, I have traveled with a two month supply when going to Russia. It worked fine the whole trip. I wouldn’t worry about a couple weeks, as long as the blister pack of 3 isn’t open. Even less so if the foil pack is still sealed.


Thanks @kmichel. That’s very helpful. I’ll just plan to use any leftovers once I get back.

Why doesn’t that site exist anymore?

I never really pay attention to the 10 day rec (or using one pack within 3 days of opening - I have a few 8u samples I’ve been rationing out so I go a looooong time after opening one before I use the 3 cartridges up!). I’ve never noticed any issues.


In my non scientific observations and assumptions I think the 3-day window after they’re opened is because they’re now subject to varying humidity that could clump up the powder in some cases… I tend to pay more attention to the once-opened guidelines than the outside of fridge ones…

Overall it’s pretty durable… don’t leave it out on hot asphalt or with the sun beating down on it in a hot car or anything and I suspect it’ll be fine.


Yes, I guess I should clarify that I do always make sure to never expose them to high heat or humidity (where we live is usually a more dry climate).

No clue.

The site is still registered to Matt Bendall of Victoria AUS. Maybe he just got tired of running it or is doing a refresh. Looking a little deeper it’s possible the site is broken due to a script error - script not updated ICANN records here

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He’s a member here… but to my knowledge has never participated



Hey guys,

Yeah the site is down, as I’ve been busy and haven’t done anything with it of late. Mainly though because I’ve not bee on Afrezza for ages, as it’s prohibitively expensive to purchase it full price and get it shipped to Aus. We’re talking $1500 a month. Ouch.

Personally I would completely ignore the recommendation to use within 10 day. As Kmichael said, the Afrezza I performed the thermostability tests on showed now signs of degradation whatsoever. Of course that wasn’t a laboratory-grade test, but i’ve not known anyone to have any problems with Afrezza’s stability.

I 100% agree with Sam on the once opened guidelines. Since we’re inhaling it, it needs to be super clean. Dirt, moisture etc can do serious damage if they make it into our lungs.

Ps. Hi Sam! Hope you’re well?



Hey Matt! Glad to hear you chime in here. I liked watching a lot of the videos you did with afrezza… sorry to hear you’re not able to get it any more… hope to see you around the forum here anyway… lots of people here are interested in the subject of afrezza and you kind of established yourself as a really good source on that subject