One thing feeding my former panic attacks about lows

None of this is accurate.

I was feeling a 68. Ate some sugar. Rose to 125 slowly. Eventually steadied at 140 before lunch. I verified all of this with about five Contour finger sticks.

I played tennis this morning. I took my kids blueberry and sunflower picking. Got really hot and sweaty and my usual lunch time was delayed which is no big deal. But when I’m doing different activities that are obviously going to change how my body uses up insulin and carbs, I’d prefer it if my Dexcom was at least slightly less of a drunk liar.

I do miss the G5 bc it read more accurately for me.

I’m going to buy all the Contour test strips in the world and just rock those from now on.

I’m really enjoying knowing my bg better than my devices bc there is confidence in that again. I’m tired of how spun up my Dexcom would get me. And the freestyle readings weren’t real accurate or helpful, either.

Contour for the win!!

This is also why I don’t Sugar Surf. I just do my own thing. I only got off-track once I listened to other methods too much. Just a lesson in sticking with what works for me.


Always good to do what works for you. It is always humbling to see how different approaches work for different people, and then imagine trying to be a medical professional telling people how to deal with this using a one-size fits all approach.


26 cents per strip right now from this seller!

Ha! Yeah, today mine said I was 183, and I was like, “Um…no!” I tested and I was 123.


But at least it really believes its telling the truth!


So do I when I’ve been drinking!! :rofl::rofl:


…and it totally missed my 43 bg at 5am.

I woke up not feeling well and decided to test even though my Dexcom said I was a nice, steady 71 for the last several hours.

This transmitter is dead tomorrow. I wonder if a new transmitter will make any difference.


:flushed: :angry:

ETA: Is Dexcom sending you a replacement sensor??


Sending positive vibes your way. :heart:
You will get through this, just try your best to be patient with yourself in this time. You are doing the best you can.

:crossed_fingers: let that new transmitter be helpful and not harmful. :crossed_fingers: :pray:


I haven’t called to ask because it’s been like this for so long.


I was on the phone with Dexcom last week. The tech said that the transmitters can get a bit wonky near the end of their life or if used past 90 days. I just changed my transmitter and sensor at 90 days. I was getting a lot of drop outs and false lows.

Batteries don’t have a steady output and then go dead. The voltage is reasonable steady, but starts going down hill at the end.


My contour meter is consistently reading lower than my Dexcom on the new transmitter. The new transmitter is not showing all of the random fake death defying drops or random fake spikes…but it is running quite a bit higher than my Contour.

Not to get down into the weeds on all of the possible “whys”…but I was thrilled to see that my A1C lab result was 6.2% compared to an estimated 6.9% on SugarMate and 6.8% GMI on Clarity.

6.2% is the lowest lab A1C I’ve had since having my second child. Definitely an indication of how chaotic life as a diabetic parent of newborns/toddlers/etc can be…especially added to the uncharted waters of unmitigated female hormone swings.

I can say that I am quite proud of myself. I used to be in the 5% Club pre-kids. But getting a 6.2% while living a very full and spontaneously active life with my sons is the biggest accomplishment I’ve had to date. :slight_smile:

Love y’all!


Congrats on the A1C! Way to go! :+1:

And back at ya!


Truly Unlimited…and a bright spot in the FUD community. :hugs:


Awww, thank you so much! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: