Omnipod post 72 hours?

Accidentally put Samson’s medtronic pump in the wash, so we’re using Omnipod for now while we dry it out in a bag of rice.

We’re supposed to approach 72 hours when he’s at his learning pod. So my question is, if we go past 72 hours, will it be a “Screamer” for hours or is it okay to just swap it out when we get home?


It will beep incessantly when it expires at 80 hours.

But, before 80 hours, it will only give you a warning beep to remind you that you need to change it. It will NOT constantly make noise until the 80 hour mark.

Is that what you are asking?

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yes, that’s exactly what I was asking, thank you!


I think this is what confused me!

Learning pod is a school thing, right?

In the OmniPod lingo, “pod” is the term we use for the thing that is stuck to your body and delivers insulin. Ain’t no learnin’ in it! :grinning:

Oh, also…I think it will do a reminder beep occasionally after 72 hours, but once you acknowledge the reminder one time with the PDM, it will stop.

But if you do not acknowledge the reminder, I think it will keep reminding you every once-in-a-while. But not incessantly.

But I do know it will NOT go nuts until 80 hours. Before 80 hours it will just be a minor annoyance until you acknowledge it.

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haha, yes a learning pod is a small informal group. We have 4 kids with Samson with a teacher, because apparently the San Francisco school district never plans to open again, despite our historically low COVID-19 case count.