Pod Expiration question

Quick question… Does “Pod Expiration: pod expires at 2:02 pm” mean what I think it means? Or can it mean something else? :grimacing:

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Plus 8 hours ?

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I hope? :grin:

It is possible at 10:02 PM everything may be made clear.

Would you be able to take a 5 minute video starting at 10:00 PM ?


I guess by now you learned the answer, but the expiration time on the screen does not include the grace period. The pod will keep working, and the PDM pod will nag at you every hour.


I always think the nag is saying “BRING OUT YOUR DEAD”. It has the same timing.

And the pod is silently saying “I’m not dead yet”


I learned only that the pod didn’t stop working when it said it was going to. I honestly couldn’t remember how long I had and was out of the house running from thing to thing. I hustled home though and finally changed it at almost 6:00–about 4 hours past expiration. So is the grace period 8 hours then?

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Are you back on pods?

Yes it is an 8 hour grace period.

Pods actually last 80 hours. But the 80 hour clock starts ticking from the time you fill the pod with insulin, not the time of pod activation.

The “expiration” time it displays on the PDM or Loop is 72 hours from the time you fill the pod.

Add 8 hours to the displayed time for the real expiration time.


I thought you were on t-slim?


I am. :grin:

Long story.

As I just told Sam, it’s a long story. I have the pleasure of wearing a pod at this time, but it’s just a short stay.

And until I’m back off, that’s good to know. :+1:

I’ve got nothing but time on my hands


It’s actually a really very boring story… And I can drone on and on like no other. :grin:

Pm it to me. I’ll be the judge

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Hah… well there were some interesting plot twists… I certainly wouldn’t call that a “boring” story



Boy, there are some slippery people around here!! @LarissaW with her pretending to think her childhood picture was me… and @Sam PRETENDING LIKE I PM’d HIM!!! Holy cow… this is the big leagues! :woman_facepalming:

Sam, I’d PM you the story, but I might as well leave it right here. It really is quite boring… I got my hands on a PDM and some pods and decided I’d mess around with them until Control-IQ came out. I was hoping to be messing with the Senseonics, but it looks like it might be a dead end.

Anyway. I’m going to go check for my wallet and get up out of here. :rofl::rofl:

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How on earth do you end up with all these different pumps? In past couple months I’ve seen you use 3 different ones!

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I’ve got friends in “low” places…

Sounds like a Country Song …

I was going to say I’ve got friends in hypoglycemic places, but it was just trying too hard.