Omnipod: does PDM need to stay with me at all times?

If anyone is out there, I would love a quick response… if I’m heading out the door for some exercise, does my PDM need to come along??

No, you don’t need to carry it if you don’t:

  • expect to eat at any point
  • exercise less or more than what you’ve already adjusted basals for
  • risk crashing so badly that you want to suspend delivery altogether
  • want to disable any pod alerts or alarms
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@Beacher, thank you!! :hugs:

If there is a chance you might need to either take insulin or start or stop a temp basal, you should bring it. I always bring it on long runs. Not always on short runs.

Anytime you are going to manipulate your insulin regimen in any way… Basal or bolus, you will need it with you. Otherwise, no.

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Also I should add this. In a hypo emergency, there is one way to do a zero basal without your PDM. It’s so obvious to say, that is will sound somewhat stupid. But I want to make sure people think about it.

If you don’t have your PDM, and you need to stop your insulin, pull the pod off.

Stupid and obvious, sure. But worth storing in your brain for a hypo emergency.

(But then you have no insulin, so that would be a different problem to solve…)


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My son does not take his PDM on a fast run (less than an hour) but that is the only time he does not carry it around.