Omnipod BATTERY question

Almost forgot.

When I went to training, I was told that the Omnipod will not work with ANYTHING other than ALKALINE batteries. Not rechargeables. Not lithium. Is that true?

If it is true, what’s the biggest bang for the buck? Are the Alkilines from the dollar store ($1 for 4 batteries) ok? How about Best Buy packs they run specials on? Is there a reason to pay a premium for Duracell or Energizer?

I was told the same thing. I have not experimented to prove it one way or another.

I get mine at Costco.

This is not a very high cost, though. We replace ours about every month.

The batteries last about a month. And it is only two of them.

So for the value I place in getting insulin, I am not skimping on batteries. Just my thoughts on it.

For about $11, it covers you for an entire year.

Not a bad price.

BTW, how do you know when it’s time to change? Does it give you some advance warning? Right now my battery indicator LCD keeps getting smaller but other than that it hasn’t beeped or anything. What does it do?

I have always assumed the battery indicator is all you get, but I have never thought to test that!

As it is, when the indicator becomes too darn small we swap :slight_smile:

Details on page 110.

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Cool. Thanks. Glad to hear it gives you a message and conserves power.

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If you’re concerned about preserving battery power, you can adjust things like the screen backlight time-out and the screen time-out, and not play around looking at trend graphs. Not sure how much difference that actually makes, though.

EDIT: And turn it off as soon as you’re done with it – like press “Confirm” for a bolus and as soon as it starts delivering, turn it off – rather than leave it to shut itself off.

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Here is the screenshot for the PDF linked by @Eric, page 110: