Omnipod and backup meter?

I am curious – what is your strategy with backup meters when you wear an Omnipod? Is it even possible to buy a meter that uses the same strip as the Omnipod PDM?

I notice that some people on the web have been experimenting with using Freestyle Lite strips in the PDM. Has anyone tried regular Freestyle strips in a Freestyle Lite meter?

The strips are compatible. I use FreeStyle strips with both my PDM and FreeStyle Lite meter. They work!

In the U.S., the company will tell you they are not compatible - but in Canada they tell you they are compatible…why??? The FDA.

Trust me on this - get a FreeStyle Lite as your backup meter for the PDM. It’s small and it matches perfectly.


This is great news!

You know me – I won’t get one Freestyle Lite. I’ll get three :slight_smile:

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Looks like I need to get one or three myself – this is great info. Question for @Eric When would you use the FreeStyle Lite meter instead of the PDM? Do you then manually enter the BG into the PDM for treatments? Do you normally use the PDM for the blood draws, or the FreeStyle Lite meter since it’s so small?

Which meter I use depends on a few things.

1 - When at home, I generally use the FreeStyle meter because it is easier than the PDM.

  • You don’t have to hit the confirm button.
  • The results are easier to get to, you can scroll through them all, instead of the way the PDM has them clumped into days and you have to change the day to see other BG results.
  • With the PDM, sometimes you put blood on the strip before you hit the “confirm” button, and you waste a strip. Argh!
  • Also the light on the FreeStyle meter is much better.

2 - If I am going out of the house in a situation where I bring my PDM, like leaving for a long time or going out for dinner, I would just use the BG meter in the PDM. No need to carry two meters!

3 - If I am leaving the house, and it is a situation where I won’t be taking insulin, like a short trip to a store or whatever, then I leave the PDM at home and carry the FreeStyle meter because it is smaller.