Omnipod 5 replacement controller

So Insulet sent out new PDMs because of a medical device correction. I’m not sure if it’s related to the overheating issue from a few months back that they emailed about.

Well they sent out a prepaid UPS envelope to send back the old one. I would like to keep it for a backup. Do you think they will keep track or could charge me for it? Probably not right?

It would be so nice to not have to worry about a backup long acting just in case the current PDM craps out!


@Josie The agreement I saw on the Dash PDM indicated use of the new PDM, which does get documented in their system, acknowledge a charge for it if the old one was not returned. I wouldn’t take any bets they are or are not actually monitoring that, but given the cost of the total number of PDMs I wouldn’t put it past them to be selling the old ones for recycle worth as an offset. You might want to check any paperwork you got with it…but you might want to make them ask for it back a second time IF you’re not having any of the issues involved and IF you can reconnect the old PDM if the new PDM gets lost/destroyed/etc.


Keep us posted on what you find out…. I’d much rather not send mine back


Totally but I’m not calling them or anything. Just going to wait until I get a final notice or something.

They called my cellphone when I did not respond to their email about the pdms overheating awhile back. The lady was a bit short with me when I said that I wasn’t acknowledging a waiver that stateted I would never charge my pdm without it being right next to me.

I would be much more willing to send it back if the iPhone app had been released.

I’m not sure if that was widespread for Omnipod 5 PDMs. I haven’t received a new PDM or any notices about this. But I remember this happened with Dash PDM about a year and a half ago, was that it?

They also had a Dash warning concerning overheating but this was not the one the rep from Insulet had called my cell about. From my memory the Dash issue was a month or so before the OP5 warning.

I never requested a new PDM. I just got this email on 6/6:

Thank you for continuing to be a loyal Podder®. You are receiving this email as a follow-up to the Omnipod® 5 voluntary Medical Device Correction email.

Your Omnipod 5 Controller replacement has been shipped and should be at your door soon.

I know it’s not only me because I watched a you tuber open her replacement as well. Maybe you will get one soon as well? Unless the overheating PDMs were part of a lot that wasn’t sent to everyone?


This is probably the replacement program involved: Class 2 Device Recall Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System. It seems fairly serious if the problem involves “melting the charging port and cable connection”. Only some folks experience it, so you may not have any issues, but the potential is serious if unattended.


That’s right! Thanks for looking it up! It was so long ago that they sent out those emails that I really couldn’t remember the exact problem. They basically said that we should be closely monitoring the PDM while it was charging but they were not sending replacements at that time. This was months ago.

I figure if it’s been just fine for almost a year so it’ll be safe to keep it for a backup.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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