Omnipod 5 - 3months in - how to get overnights closer to 110; days, too. What else can I change?

Hey, Cattell! I just used reset, even as things were making progress and I believe it is already giving me more basal as I put in all the changes I have made, but which may not have actually been used in auto. I know it is going to get better and better and I expected to “suffer” while it learns me (again), but it is learning the me with more aggressive settings from the get-go, and this is just the first day of the first pid on reset! Yay! Thanks for the support.

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Amen to that exact idea!

My overnights have always worked well for me on any pump and any long acting insulin. My problem with the pod has always been day time aggressiveness. It’s really starting to work well now though. I went back to manual mode for a few days but I tended to have lows and I realized how much I hate lows. I read some more on how the algorithm works and made some more adjustment and things are working well now. I don’t even have to think about it anymore which is what I really want. Once the iPhone app comes out I will be golden. I also found the perfect spots for my Dexcom and pod now. I always wear the Dexcom on my side delt and it’s always been perfect there. I was wearing my pod on the same side back of arm which wasn’t bad but seemed like a lot of tech on one side. When I went to manual mode I was like ok it doesn’t matter if it can read my dex so I now wear my pod on side delt of one arm and dex on side of other. It’s actually the perfect place in automated mode and I never lose connection even when sleeping. My sleeves hide both tech now. I absolutely hate wearing stuff on my waist as it makes me feel fat.

So based on the above guys comments I lowered my correction numbers and things are much better. I also changed my DIA back to 4 from 3.5.

I/C = 1:10
Correction = 1:30 (from 1:40)
DIA = 4.0 (up from 3.5)
Target: 110
Correct after: 110

I also started going back to manual mode with a much higher basal on days when my sugars just run higher for some reason. It seems to work better than just doing large boluses and I can stop it before it goes low.

Now my biggest problem is I forget I’m diabetic and don’t bolus before eating a lot.

Thanks for those specifics! I’m on day two of the reset, and I’m really staying more low than expected during this day, but woke to one09 this morning, and I looked pretty good all night. I may actually have to tweak some changes in the other direction, but I’m gonna wait and see. I absolutely cannot wait until the iPhone app comes and I’m so happy that the reset seems to be making a difference for basal. I’m really starting to feel that this will work and I will also be able to let it go on auto pilot and I just live more like a regular person. I still think that I’m going to be a looper once I really understand how all this works because I would want settings just a little bit better than 110. I wish we could just sign a waiver and they would let us adjust accordingly, but I am so delighted that this is working. Glad to hear the experience of others who have figured this out and stuck with it. Yay! And I also hate wearing anything on my stomach and I’m going to try the decks on one tricep and pod on the other tricep. That to me would be ideal. If I get brave, I will try I’ve delts, but I still get worried near muscle. That’s just me, of course. I did fine with it on my quadracep, but for the bleeding and inconvenience. I tried measuring the 3 inches on the arm my dexcom is currently on, but I placed it too low from the top to be able to fit the pod on the same arm. I do want to see if that will work, though. And I had a dern bad transmitter - got filled with dried blood and used a toothpick to try to get some out around edges and clean it for further use, but it lost signal like nobody’s business, so I haven’t had a proper try with the good transmitter (I had to ask for a replacement and send that one back). Anyway, I seem to be on the right track. I never knew how much I didn’t know until getting the pump and learning proper terms and settings. The Juicebox podcasts are helping alot as an addendum to this wonderful website! I am grateful to have T1D in the era of the pump and all that is being researched and developed now. I am so glad I didn’t give up. Today’s numbers were the first time (using my dex 2-day numbers) that the pump has beat my month-before-pump averages. I have done as well on mdi in the past year, but not at all with consistency and honestly do not think I could stand seeing the old post meal highs and all the movement that could result in decent average glucose and TIR, but with higher standard deviation. I literally feel better with the tighter SD. Next I will learn better how to eat. I tried 2 small slices of California cauliflower crust pizza (1/4th frozen pizza) with a salad and a yogurt for dinner last night and corrected about 8 times and being patient for most to be the ones the controller would suggest. It got ironed out before bedtime, but I learned more about the fact I needed 1.5 units more in correction insulin, but it was looking good at hour one. This is where I am guessing that the extended bolus may have worked (never used it before) or just bolusing 5 to start and after an hour the rest. It takes some study to try to figure timing of insulin response, but I am making copious notes. I still want to eat Indian food or other restaurant food (my 45 carb meal last night sure seems to say you can;t eat more than that, but I know people do it and I plan to learn how, but stick to my mostly conservative meals most of the time). If anyone could tell me how I could eat a cupcake with icing, I would love to know. Well - that is all an aside. . . Thanks so much for sharing real experience, drpepper68!


What’s the rationale in increasing the duration time? My brainstorm would think the opposite would make it more aggressive

I’ll be starting the om5 for at least a trial on Tuesday. I’m hoping I can get it dialed in and comfortable with it before cruise ship season because I’ll have no chance to devote much energy to anything then

This was the rationale he posted. So far it’s working good. Be good to hear your experience once you try it.

  • Speaking of DIA. There is a chart below on why 4 hours is what you should be using. The green straight line decay at 4 hours most closely aligns to the actual Novolog/Humalog non-linear decay curve over the bulk of insulin action. For Loopers accustomed to 6 hours, the blue line shows why this doesn’t work well on Omnipod 5.

I think DIA only affects the calculations for corrections. I moved mine to 2 so I would be “offered” correction amounts when I knew things were heading up. I don’t know, but don’t think it affects anything else. I think my true DIA is between 2.5 and 3, but when set higher, it won’t offer a correction dose (well - offers 0) and I usually try to use its suggestions. Just my 2 cents.

Very interesting. I may try this but tried for brief spurts in the past to no avail. I am still trying to understand the various algorithm parts so I can help it help me. Thanks for the info.

Yeah I just thought I would start with a few adjustments first so I reset DIA to what would be normal. Trying to be methodical. :slight_smile:

Great key word - “methodical”! I attempt the same. Good luck!

Here’s a good article on DIA. I’m not against tweaking it but I figured it would be the last resort.


@drpepper68 Thanks for posting this. It seems an excellent article on DIA and the need to confirm other numbers before adjusting it at all. On just straight Omni Dash, I had DIA set to 4.5 hours. It’s one of things I’d like to change on Loop, but it’s coded for 6 hrs and I haven’t tried to adjust it at all. It’s one of the things I’d probably try adjusting for me personally, though I appreciate the article cautioning about lows occurring in the outside hours after meals because of corrections. Anyway, thanks again!

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