Omni Loop: import/export settings?

I’ve been using the free side of developer for omni looping and finally have the paid developer.

Is there a way to back up / export the settings like you can in Xdrip+ so that when I build the real paid development version I can restore/import those same settings like you can in Xdrip+? If not, what info do I need to write down so I can manually set it up again?

No, I think loopdocs recommends making screenshots of your settings.

Having said that, my “free” Loop app was simply replaced by my “developer” app on the iPhone when I did the rebuild. I didn’t have to do anything, settings remained inon the iPhone. The only thing I changed was free to developer signature on the build.

I did have to rebuild again for the watch about a week later as I believe it was still using the free signature, and failed to load on the watch, as if it had expired.

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