Old g5 tranmitters

Is there any reason to hold on to my 6 old g5 tranmitters? Are they of any use?

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Other than to replace the battery and use with a cache of G5 sensors someone has stockpiled I don’t think there is any use. I think they are currently working hard to get everyone in the US on the G6, and I am not sure of the international situation.

Maybe you can donate them to a charity that helps PWDs in need?

My last working G5 transmitter is on its final legs this week (spewing erratic data).

Had to order G6 starter kit today … G5’s stopped shipping June 30th :canada:

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I have a ton of old G5 sensors. I am using the G6, but when a G6 sensor fails, or does not last 10 days, I do not get a full month from a shipment of G6 sensors. I then use an old G5 sensor until it is time to order a new shipment of G6 sensors. Old G5 sensors work very well, just like new.
Because of osteoarthritis in my hands I cannot grip G6 sensors as needed to remove and replace the G6 transmitters, to restart a sensor. I have to use each sensor for a max of 10 days.
I send my old G5 transmitters to a friend who replaces the transmitter battery for only $60. Several friends have sent me old G5 sensors when they were switching to the G6.,

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