Oakland’s Open Insulin Project



Will it be available on eBay?


I’ve seen these folks talk. It seems like a cool idea although what would make it EVEN cooler is if they were trying to make an open-source, faster-acting insulin – what I’ve heard is they’re trying to make something like Novolog in an open-source way so it’s more affordable in the developing world.
I’ve often wondered to what extent I could “make” my own insulin – clearly some highly inventive people during WWII figured out methods, though I assumed it involved purifying insulin from dogs or pigs.
Someone with deep pockets needs to purchase all the licenses for stillborn diabetes technologies (like BcLispro, ingestible insulin) that never make it to the commercialization stage and work on making them open source or purely non-commercial. Some clearly get ditched because they’re not promising or have side effects, but others get ditched because market conditions are unfavorable.