Now this

Somehow I managed to survive the sachrin scare of the 80’s. Now I got this monkey on my back. Hope I make it to my next b-day. Wish me well.

To be honest the only thing I’ve ever seen send my BG go up a 1000 fold is Oatmeal in the morning. Sorry I need to be more honest. I once ate a snickers bar for breakfast and it had the same effect.

Just a side note to the admins. It would be helpful to have a category called something like “stuff that will kill you”.


If you do a study that says “…consuming normal amounts of Xylitol do not pose any health risks…”, nobody is going to care.

But if you say high amounts of Xylitol are dangerous, it’s front page! :open_mouth:

Guess what?!? High amounts of anything are dangerous! People actually die from consuming too much water (dilutional hyponatremia).


Hi Jim - it’s funny because if i eat highly processed oatmeal (like instant oatmeal) it has the same effect, but the less processed it is (and the longer it take to cook) the lower its glycemic index. At least that’s what I believe. I’d be welcome to hear other perspectives.


Yeah, I would completely agree. The less processed usually the better from a bg standpoint.


Instant oatmeal packet = instant skyrocket of BG. Home made oatmeal cookie is manageable. Approximately same total carbs, and both have “added sugar” so it’s got to be the glycemic index of the oatmeal? Processed vs. raw seems to make a huge difference.


Perhaps Quick one minute oats would be a good in the middle option. Less processed than the instant packs but only about a minute to microwave.

I do doctor mine up bad D :laughing:

  • 1/2 serving
  • 1/4c oats 15g
  • 2 tbsp craisins 16g
  • 2 tsp brown sugar 6g
  • carbs total. 37g

Ah, memories. One of the first comparisons I made after starting home blood glucose monitoring (now more than 40 years ago, wow it was a big deal!) was between how much my bg was raised by cheerios, rolled oatmeal, or oat bran in the morning meal. It made enough of a difference that I began eating oat bran regularly, for a while (I haven’t eaten it in years, now, don’t actually know where to get it these days, might look now that I think about it). But I now usually can keep pretty close to even with my occasional Costco’s Sprouted Rolled Oats and unsweetened soy milk. I wouldn’t have been sweetening it then, and don’t now, except sometimes adding blueberries (and increasing the bolus for that). But do usually add some chopped nuts and or chia or other seeds, and I assume that blunts a rise some.