Novel Line of Research for a Cure UPDATE

“Beta cell formation in vivo through cellular networking, integration and processing (CNIP) in wild type adult mice”

Drs. Ralph Defronzo and Bruno Doiron have published research on a novel approach to cure T1 diabetes by using a virus to inject genetic instructions to pancreatic cells in diabetic rats to begin producing insulin. These cells are not originally tasked with insulin production, but the genetic material injected via virus causes them to take on the additional task of insulin production. They have had success in these rats, and are gearing up for further animal trials. Human trials are not expected to begin for at least three years.

Abstract with a download link for the complete article on the bottom left of the page is available here:

Bruno Doiron has organized a new company, Syner-III, to develop this new revolutionary pathway to a cure. He is seeking $10 million in funding for preclinical trials.
The only mention I could find was in this poorly written article.

With all I’ve read about research for a cure, this is the horse I would be betting on.


The dream. It would be amazing.

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Really interesting! I would love to read more about his new venture.

Very “crafty” technique. What a brilliant way to get around the immune system using cells already in place. Convince them to do 1 more task, produce insulin.