Not sure where this came from


I have been able to gauge Liam’s pretty closely using the Dexcom data and A1C that is displayed on the site…it’s actually been pretty accurate even though it seems to be off more than it isn’t (from actual blood sticks). I guess, over the long term, it’s much more accurate than I give it credit for.


I can agree with this, I see my Endo about every 4 Months now.

I guess so you could compare the numbers?

I just find it interesting.

For example, I walk a bit before I get the the Docs Office, and the past couple of times it’s been around noon, so I know what my BG should be around that time, so I test myself in the car, and they normally test my BG before the Doc comes in which isn’t that long but some time, I’m always fascinated to see the difference, big or small (up or down), as a while back it was a huge difference, I think theirs was not calibrated or something. I guess for me it is just curiosity.


I am picturing you using leaches to kill your red blood cells.

Am I close?


New Endo!?! And what are your intentions? I’m curious about this.




I’ve always been curious about rbc and a1c since my endo even previously had me tested to see if my a1c is correct/accurate because I eat what I want and seem to have perfect control with almost no effort (lol he wasn’t insulting me I was really curious about it and asked him) . Apparently it is but I do make too many red blood cells so I’m not sure how that plays into it but it could be they turn over too fast or too slow and it could give me some wonky a1cs. Hard to say though when my a1c’s been pretty consistent all 5 years. Not the same every time but always pretty close to the same.


They’re a good way for a numbers junkie to get their fix… so I hear…


Amazing. :slightly_smiling_face: