Nighttime lows, teeth?

Not infrequently, I’ll experience a nighttime low and chug some juice that I keep on the bedside table. True confessions, I almost never get up and brush my teeth after that. Invariably I wished that I had some sort of disposable water-less toothbrush handy.

Anyone use anything like this? Or have a better suggestion?

@docslotnick, I’m looking at you!

We use these backpacking.

Works great, although you will want to spit at the end.

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I use glucose tablets if needed at night (rarely are) and just gargle with some water (which I also always have within reach) a few times to wash off the residue… seems to be mostly rinsed away by water. there’s exactly zero chance of me ever getting out of bed to brush my teeth in the middle of the night

@Irish Don’t worry about brushing after the oj. Just keep a bottle of water bedside along with the oj, and after the o.j., just take a swig of water, swish it around and swallow it or spit it out.

What you are trying to do is neutralize the pH in your mouth after the acid from the o.j., and flush away any dissolved sugars that may be left over. The biofilm that you try to clear away when you brush will not be affected by the o.j. to make it more damaging.


@Irish, this is what we do, for the same reason:

  • we use sweet liquid as you do (sugared water, or, more frequently, milk)

  • we use a sealed container with a long straw (a kid’s straw glass in heavy plastic) so that, when my son drinks sugar at night, he can swallow straight to the bottom of his throat so that it does not hit the teeth.

If you can look at the infamous picture of the diabetes night watchman, you will see the glass I am talking about :slight_smile:

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