Diabetes night watchman strikes at midnight

I thought you’d like to see how my wife caught me in the act…

Midnight, flashlight in the mouth, sealed milk cup with a straw in the hand, ready to pump 3 oz of fat-free milk into the boy due to a slight low.

Reason for the flashlight in the mouth: it leaves one hand open to manhandle the boy’s face into an appropriate direction to suck the milk through the straw while asleep. He typically does not wake up while suckling.


This could be the cover picture for a scary movie with that title


You need a headlamp!


It’s cool that we have our new logo now, just before launch…


I’m glad you included an explanation. On first glance I could see a part of some sort of drug manufacturing operation going on :cheeky:

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You look SO guilty!

Also it’s great to know that the “not waking up when sucking through a straw” follows the them into adolescence!


Are those $12.95 Zenni optical glasses? They look exactly like mine… best bargain I’ve ever found

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I believe they might just be!!! How strange :slight_smile:

Model 461821…

I have a good eye for such things

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