New(er) migraine meds and blood sugar, etc

Has anyone here tried the new CGRP antagonist meds for migraine prevention? (I have long term chronic migraines.) After a couple of years of watching and research, I am trying Ajovy – did my first injection tonight. I will post my experience with it, but wondering if anyone has gone before me? Any effect on blood sugar? Did it work for you? Thanks for any/all input - Jessica


Hi @JessicaD I’m still trying to get approval for Aimovig, so I’m anxious to know your experience. I suspect your bg’s won’t move much, but hopefully your migraines will benefit.


Hi! I used Ajovy injections for several months. No impact on my BG- not the slightest, and I am extremely sensitive.

Ajovy worked well. I am not squeemish around needles at all, but this injection was something, btw! I iced the area for 15 min prior. It caused too much edema in me that persisted, so we stopped it.

I hope you get relief!

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Yikes, that is interesting to hear. I injected toward the center of my stomach, which has a fair amount of scar tissue and I do not use at all for insulin, but still felt like it could take the volume (yowza!) of what was loaded in that pre-filled pen. It seemed to disperse ok – no edema. I am almost two weeks in an have only had one migraine with some pretty awful weather (a primary trigger for me) moving through. @elver I have also noticed some improved headache “clarity,” minimization of that background feeling that there’s a migraine lurking, not popping out, but just back there waiting to attack. So… for now I am cautiously optimistic! (And fingers crossed for you @elver)


Thanks @JessicaD . Glad things are improving for you. I have reached the end of appeals with no success, however the formulary changes in January. The new Formulary is already posted online and appears to include the “forbidden” drug so I will try again then. Seriously, when it comes to healthcare it’s all a game.

@elver that is so incredibly frustrating. I am not sure how this plays with insurance eligibility, but both Ajovy and Aimovig offer “copay cards” that bring the cost of the medication to the consumer (you/me) down to just about zero. In my experience, use of these programs is not income-dependent and I believe it’s really more of a marketing program to the drug companies than anything else. I just searched on Aimovig and there is a card that you can use. So even if the insurance companies make it an issue, you might go directly to the manufacturer and see what you can arrange?

Also, not sure if your neurologist did a deep dive on the benefits of Ajovy vs Aimovig for you, but Ajovy came out ahead for me b/c of lesser injection pain and injection site issues + smaller digestive issues w Ajovy. I’m only 2 weeks in, but neither have been an issue. PM me w any questions or if you want to connect! Jess

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Thanks @JessicaD ! I go back in early Jan 23 so I will discuss then. Also, thank you for your very generous offer!!

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