New Endo, new NP/CDE, and Nurtitionist

saw new Endo, NP/CDE, and Nutritionist this afternoon, the ones that i mentioned before on the other threads. the ones up at Mt. Sinai in NYC.

OMG, the team is beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. the encouragement and accolades were phenomenal. they even knew about my former idiot endo, and we made some inappropriate jokes about him. sooooo glad i left him and found this new team. what a difference a doctor can make!!!

if anyone is willing to come to NYC for a wonderful medical experience (and they take Medicare), Mt. Sinai is the place to go. no joking. this will blow your mind…

sincerely, DM


Is your endo Zachary Bloomgarden?

no; my endo is Dr. David Lam. my CDE/NP is Victoria. i cant remember the name of the nutritionist, though.

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Oh, I was just curious. I came across Zachary Bloomgarden’s name when I was researching Afrezza. He’s up at Mt. Sinai. He was pretty negatively outspoken about Afrezza when it first came out, so I was just curious if his opinion had changed.

I’m glad your team is awesome :slight_smile: