Back on pump


Yea, back on pump albeit my old 530g but that’s all right worked great for me before and used to it. Made changes to settings to match what I am doing now on mdi, emailed endo with changes I made, he called me back after hours and went over what I was doing and was glad I am getting back up to speed on my diabetes care.
WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT ALL YOUR HELP. THANK YOU!!! And don’t worry I still will be asking stupid questions.
And yea positing on all sites I use.


Glad you have a therapy you like to fall back on. Sounds like your endo is all right too.


Endo and staff are wonderful. He and his pa/cde are always very responsive. He has patient portal where I can ask questions and always get callback same day. He also owns recurch center so he’s up to speed. He likes for me to handle my care and makes suggestions where needed not do it this way and that.


Really nice that he called you himself after hours: kudos!