Need for 1/2 unit syringes and needle length selection in Toddlers


I only have the larger ones right now…just hasn’t ever been an issue because of using the POD, but since I want to start diluent now, I will need syringes for sure in the future. So I’m glad I’m finding out that I need to get these other syringes and not sure why they prescribed us the massive ones.


My dad passed away 10 years ago. My mom is 89. This year she went on a trip to Antarctica, because it was the only continent she had not been to yet (she went this year because she wanted to go while she was still young :rofl:).

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She knew a Jewish girl who was a classmate in school and nobody knew she was Jewish until after the war was over. Her parents adopted the girl from Poland and told everyone she was their natural child.


All of that is amazing.


My less-industrious dad bought me one of these, which also took the plastic disposable syringes I started out using. You could adjust the needle guide to change the needle depth. If you didn’t screw the plunger cap on tight enough, when you pushed the trigger, your syringe would shoot out and fly across the room.


@Eric, imho this [priming up] would be worth a thread.

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Yep. And if I was sitting in a house in the southern part of France, I would be writing it up right now…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ha! Just kidding you.

I nominate @T1Allison

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@ClaudnDaye if you are interested I could have my older son create some 3D printed plastic spacers that would reduce the depth of the needle as @Eric has suggested. It would be a funnel and would just slide over the needle tip. How many 'mm’s do you want to remove?


I actually thought of an easy way to do it.

The orange cap that comes with the needle (just using generic google images here):


Use one for the model. The advantage is they will fit well, they are already sized perfectly.

After modeling, you’d have something like this:


@Eric, might have to wait until tomorrow when I get to work. That’s where my free time is! :wink:

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You don’t have to. I was just playing around.

Post whatever you feel led to do! That’s what makes it a great place.

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We could really easily do that in CAD, maybe make a remove 1 mm, and 2mm. Son says it would take 30 minutes, plus the time to print on the printer. Probably will take 2-3 prototypes to figure out the best way to print.


I have done a lot of things with spare pieces/parts, like making a lancet holder or stuff like that.

But I have always just done it the old-fashioned way. Cut it with a lathe, realized I cut it too long or too short, cursed, got another spare diabetes part from my endless supply, and tried again. :grinning:

I think your method would be nice!

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Yeah, once you have it in CAD, you can share the source files so people can print their own, plus modification takes 15 seconds, and then you never have to revisit it once you lose your initial run, just print some more. Another advantage is we can make it in awesome colors like glow in the dark blue, or killer green


Definitely make the different length adjustments in different colors!

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I don’t think there is an industry standard for color-coding, but this is BD’s color system.


Kinda funny how the 1/2 inch (12.7mm) needles are the harmless pink.

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“Kinda funny how the 1/2 inch (12.7mm) needles are the harmless pink.”

Seeing the color pink lowers testosterone (I think one of the midwestern college football stadiums has the visitor locker room painted pink for this reason…Iowa, I think?)…so it makes you brave like a woman. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::muscle: