Names: May or December?

But really – why are there so many people named April or May but none named December?

And would December be a boy or a girl? Or either?

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June and August, but no November or February? I’m sensing a pattern here.

OK, taking a wild guess. Any month with 7 letters or less is more popular? :wink:

Or any month ending in “er” is a no go?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am sure there are better explanations :tongue_in_cheek: (which should be an emoji btw)

Interesting data

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I went to school with a real practical joker. Her name was April Furst. clank*:grin:

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You ask, and so it shall be…introducing…CHEEKY!


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That is SO COOL! You are a GENIUS!

You must start a thread on it in the Howto Section of the Website!

It’s an Admin only function. I can add it, but wouldn’t be helpful to most people? Maybe I can just add a post to say, if you want to add an emoji into our Discourse instance for all members to use, please contact an Admin and we can work on getting it added (they would provide us with whatever image they wanted included as an emoji?)

What I mean is – you should let people know that we have a custom DU emoji !!!

Matches the “Humor” value :cheeky:




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I like yours much better :troll_flag:

I created an actual emoji from his picture. Now one just needs to type : troll_flag : and it’ll show up in the emoji window!

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@ClaudnDaye @Michel In all seriousness, this is really a good way for the community to control trolls. Out them immediately.