mySugr partners with Roche

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The one thing that these diabetes apps, partnerships, etc. lack, and seem no closer to implementing, is to integrate their platforms with the one technology I greatly depend on–CGM.

The closest was Glooko, with after the fact uploading of historical CGM data directly from the receiver. That was enough for me to become an avid Glooko supporter. But then, suddenly, they could no longer support direct upload and Glooko became an instant no go for us with the latest CGM technology.

No matter how fancy the app is, if real time CGM data is not part of the equation, then the app is of significantly lessened value, not better really than a paper logbook or a spreadsheet.

These app developers are doing the best they can, but they are constrained by the FDA and, sad to say, Dexcom.

The only group not so constrained is the open source community. With limited funding and loads of talent and drive, they have given us Night Scout, xDrip, xDrip+, and Open APS, which include data solutions as good as or better than any app out there AND the added benefit of real time CGM data direct from the transmitter and insulin pump integration.

THAT is how device integration needs to be done, and the FDA and companies like Dexcom and Medtronic need to get off of their high horses and get it done. Otherwise the average diabetic will be denied the best care available.