My T1 Daily Management, and Using Fiasp

There have been many people asking me about my “diet” and my daily routine. People with T1, or their T1 kids, who are newly diagnosed seem to think my many years with T1D, and no serious complications makes my routine a good example to follow. I try to explain that is generally not true.

There is no set routine that will work for all type 1 people. We are all different. What works for me may not work well for you. Each type 1 diabetic needs to work out a routine by trial and error, until something is working well. Then keeping careful charts or records can help with making changes, as needed.
I eat an average of 140 carbs per day. I am usually using 36 units of fast acting insulin each day in a pump. My insulin:carb ratio is 1:10 (one unit per 10 carbs), but I am less sensitive to insulin in the early morning, so I use a 1:7 ratio for breakfast.

I avoid many foods that have fast acting carbs. I avoid rice, cereal, and most pasta. When I do have pasta or potatoes, I eat small portions.
I am using a 70-170 range on my Dexcom CGM, and I stay in that range more than 90% of the time. My A1C has been in the 5.4-6.4 range for almost 20 years.

There are other T1D’s who are using a 70-150 range, and doing very well with it. There are some who eat less than 50 carbs per day, I refuse to do that. As long as I can avoid serious complications, I do not intend to change my routine. I enjoy my life the way I am doing it now, and I do not intend to change.

This might not work so well for you. I hope you have developed your own routine, and I hope it is working well for you.

I want to also mention that I have started using Fiasp insulin, instead of Humalog. My endo did not approve of my using Fiasp, and I recently posted that on my page. A friend sent me a message saying Fiasp did not work well for her, and she returned to her Novolog. She sent me several vials of Fiasp. I started using it five days ago. It is working very well for me, but it might not work well for you. Fiasp is a faster acting insulin and the acting time for me is three hours, instead of the old four hours I used for Humalog. I do not do any early premeal bolusing now, and I am not having post meal highs. I had 150-190 post meal highs with Humalog, but now I am having 120-150 post meal numbers with Fiasp. My only problem with Fiasp is having some lows in the 50-70 range. I am adjusting my basal rates on my pump to try eliminating those lows. I would like to eventually have a a 70-150 range. Maybe Fiasp will make that possible.

My endo did not want me to use Fiasp, but my friend has enabled me to use it now. I use one vial per month, and I have enough for five months. I will be seeing my Endo on Jan 20. I hope she will be impressed with my better control, and she will finally prescribe Fiasp.


Hi Richard.
Congrats on your success!

What was the reason your endo gave?

@Eric, my endo was concerned about my having very low numbers. I have been seeing more lows than I had with Humalog, but nothing below 50. I an easily handle those. I am retired and at home 90% of the timewhere lows can be easily treated. I am changing basal rates, ratios, etc to deal with this.