I love insulin (especially Fiasp)

The things I contemplate on a Thursday morning…

I fell asleep after work yesterday with my clothes and all the lights on. I also had all my CGM alarms off because I had a period at work where I didn’t want anything vibrating.

I woke up to find my pancreas had blissfully let my BG cruise along at 15-17 mmol/L all night without a blip. (I did have basal running, of course, otherwise my BG would have marched steadily upward.)

I bolused Fiasp through my pump at 7:00 am. And I just love how quickly it kicks in and how it produces such a steady downward march of dots on the CGM.

Pretty humbling to think without those few drops of liquid my BG would only be able to go up.


Are you using Fiasp in your pump?

Yes, I’ve been pumping with Fiasp for almost a year and a half.

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Here is one of the downsides of Fiasp being so rapid-acting. My pump ran out of insulin at around 2:30 AM. I slept through it but finally woke up and changed my cartridge at 3:30 AM. In just an hour without insulin, my blood sugar was already starting to skyrocket. The good news is that I SWAGed a 1.5 unit bolus and it turned the spike around almost immediately and I only hit 11 mmol/L. Fiasp took a while to actually bring my BG down, but I find any highs caused by missed basal are sluggish to come down. Other than that spike and the earlier compression low, a pretty good overnight line.

CGM graph

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I hate it when the pump runs out of insulin. Glad it turned out ok. the FIASP looks like it is working well for you.

Yeah, lately it’s been running out in the middle of the night. I have to start checking before I go to bed, but of course I always forget.

I’m loving Fiasp and how fast it works. I’ve been using it for about 1.5 years and will never go back. Only downside is that it gets tricky with low-carb meals. Haven’t quite figured out what type of extended bolus works best for that.

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I think that is why some on here inject some R with a syringe for those cases. It is at least worth a thought. I would think FIASP would be hard for a low-carb meal.

Yeah, it just seems counter-intuitive to have to inject R while on a pump that can do extended boluses. So far I have just been bolusing as usual and then correcting my BG after about two hours when I start rising. But it can be a problem if I miss that correction, for whatever reason. I’ve been off low-carb for a while now but am getting back into it, and I’m going to start trying to use an hour extended bolus of a unit or so to see if that helps.