My experience with VOOZ Hydration Sensation

My son brought home a variety of flavors. I looked at the nutrition label and ingredients and thought it OK. While it says No Artificial Sweeteners it dose list Steviol Glycosides. I avoid aspartame because it causes me nerve issues.

I split a can between my 2 bidons (bicycle water bottles) in preparation for and ride this morning. I was put off a bit by the sweet taste even diluted.
My real problem is with C-IQ in normal mode, my BG levels rise higher than my normal during the ride. I usually end with BG in the 90s. Today is was 135mg/dl. I ended up doing a correction.

For all I know this may have been a fluke. I normally use PowerAid Zero on hot weather rides.


That could have been a fluke, or you are correct it could also be the hydration product. If you happen to try it again let us know what happened.


If I do I will share it’s effects on me.

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