My BG track from this morning's marathon! :)

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This one is unbelievable! Is this your marathon run from this morning?

If you want a vibrant discussion, then this will be the place to be. Great tracing by the way. We could only wish…


Yes, those were my BG numbers from this morning.

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Just a “feeling” more than anything else. I’d like to dedicate some time to going over this. So much of it is just paying attention to the clock and the slope. I am not entering numbers into a calculator when running. It is using the “Force” more than anything mathematical.

This was about 165 grams of simple sugar carbs. Then after the race I followed that by about 500 grams of carbs, simple and complex.

Don’t fear the carb! Be “at one” with it.

It is milkshake week for me now. I will drink as many as I can.

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What race did you just run? What was your time? I couldn’t possibly eat 500 carbs even if I just did the ultra man triathlon!

Just phenomenal. Now you just need to explain how to do it to all of us.

Also the running part.

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I run on “feeling” more than anything… don’t run as far as Eric does though. Tresiba doesn’t make me dive with running.

Agree that “by feel” is a tremendously underexplained topic… much harder to explain than simple numbers

This can make for a lot of good discussion - basal, fueling, bolus amounts based on the type of activity, the amount of food eaten prior to exercise, the amount of IOB, the effect of stress hormones like cortisol and what they do. A lot of things that go into all this.

If you notice at the very beginning of the race I took a whole unit before starting. Crazy, right? Kind of goes counter to what you would read about or hear about from well-meaning Endos or diabetes educators.

I know we will have some active discussions in the exercise section about these things.

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@Eric, what software do you use to plot your trace?

I didn’t use my Dexcom this time. Last time it was dangerously inaccurate. So I just go through my meter and write the times down, and plot them in excel against my miles.

So I guess the “software” is just excel. :slight_smile:

I’m old-fashioned. The meter I use for running doesn’t link to anything. There isn’t even a port to plug into it! But I use it because it is small, I can wear it on my arm, and the strips work really well when running. The strips have a capillary action that pulls the blood off your finger really easy.

which meter do you use?

i cant believe your perfect numbers! you are like superman.

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For running I use the ReliOn Micro. The reason I chose that one is that it I am able to wear it, and the position of where you put the strips and where you put the blood on the strips works well for running. Also I like the way those strips draw the blood off your finger. Those strips are not “fussy”. They don’t make you get the perfect blood drop.

Even though the meter is small, you can also see it really well when you are running, unlike some of the other ones that have a smaller display.

I made a sweatband that holds it. It’s easy to use when running.

The more challenging thing was dispensing strips one-at-a-time. You can’t take them out of a vial when running without them going everywhere! So I made a dispenser that holds them securely, but lets you take them out easily. It’s sized right, so that it is compact but still lets your fingers get a single strip out. I wear these on my running belt.

No, I’m just stubborn and persistent.:slight_smile:

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To be fair, I think we should have a ROLLER COASTER category…for those not privileged enough to be in the flat-liners club…


Couldn’t call it Roller Coaster, though…need to call it “Super steep and scary roller coaster” category…nothing like the small bumps on the flat-liners roller coaster.


If there is a rollercoaster club we would be in it:-)

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I joked on another list that Dexcom didn’t send me a CGM, they accidentally sent me a Pocket Roller-Coaster Design Generator. Just push the button and whammo! there it is! “The Neighbourhood Potluck Lightning Loops”! “The Chinese Take-Out Dragon’s Fury”! “The Oh-Just-One-Extra-Cookie Scream Machine”!


@Eric thanks for sharing! And congratulations – all of your hard work and training has paid off! Those look like excellent numbers, and I hope you were feeling strong while you were running.

@Beacher your reply to @ClaudnDaye has the tears running down my face - so hilarious and so true. Thanks for pointing out that not everybody is in the flatliners club yet, and giving us a chuckle about it. I am so thankful that FUD exists as a place to share those successes and methods - and it is my hope we will all be able to get there with help eventually!

Enjoy a milkshake @Eric AND a banana split!


@Eric I know this is dated, but I just saw it today. Amazingly good numbers (I can’t help be a bit envious of the flatness!)! So, have you been able to maintain them that way the past 7 years? What do you attribute them to, good hygiene, drinking, smoking?? (Yes, being a bit facetious!) Just….WOW!


Thanks @TomH !

Truly it’s nothing but a lot of practice! :slightly_smiling_face:

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