My a1c is back in the 5% range! +Mom update

I think it’s a combination of switching to tresiba, exercising a bit more, and taking the mini pill for my pcos/other period related issues, but I’m not sure. I just know I had to update y’all on that as I had that 7.3% a while back and I hated it. Went to the Dr and I’m at 5.8% again. I’m hoping it stays that way :smiley: .

No update on my mom’s diabetes situation really though as far as A1C goes , she has had medicare messing around with her for a while and she’s finally getting medicare coverage to see a different dr than the one we started with, as they seemed reluctant to get a little more aggressive with her treatment despite her proliferative retinopathy. Her retina detached in her right eye in the last month and we had to have an emergency surgery to save her eye. As soon as we know she’s for sure good to go we’re getting her to a dr in my dr’s office in hopes they can help her more. She’s doing better , but still occasionally hitting 300 if she’s not careful. She’s taking jardiance in the morning and metformin twice a day and 5 units of lantus at night and it seems to at least give her decent-ish control. Not enough to probably help with the retinopathy I fear though. I know she’s reluctant about the most likely treatment though too , like ozempic or trulicity or something because the gi side effects, but that might be our next stop on trying to manage things. We’ll see I guess?


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Reading through your posts back in March and April I would think that the stress of dealing with these multiple health problems in your Mom have increased insulin resistance. I am amazed at how well you were assisting and I am sure comforting your mother.

From your last post in April, “ Edit: we’re trying 25 mg of jardience on top of the 1000 mg of metformin and 5 units of lantus.” Is she still taking 1000 mg of Metformin twice a day? I wonder if that is causing digestive problems.

I have been on Met for more years than I can remember. The dosage increased to 1,000 mg twice daily and definitely gave me some GI issues. 17 months ago I started MDI and the Met was reduced to 500mg twice per day which has improved things.

I hope you are getting some down time. As a former night shift worker, I know that in itself brings its own stress. For me, a great stress buster was exercise, walking and bike riding.