Medicare cracking down on getting your supplies

I use CCS medical for my insulin pump supplies. i was told in order for me to get my supplies i have to see my endo every three months! that was new to me as in the past ive never had any issues with the previous vendor i used. does anyone else get this from medicare? im also going to be possibly switching pumps as animas is going out of business. anyone that had animas had any issues with switching? im curious as to what will be taking place once i do go down that road.

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It is hard to believe that Medicare would require an endo visit every 3 months :frowning:
Has anyone else experienced this?

and they need office notes too

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More than that, for Dexcom and Medicare, the office notes need to be “handwritten”. By the Doctor. (or the doc’s office staff - whatever.)
Yeah. For real.
I can find that quote and paste it in.

Edit: Meant “Medicare”. (I always get medicaid and medicare mixed up.)

how can it be handwritten when everything is online now

Yeah. lol. Neither Dexcom nor the Doc’s are happy with that. I got to find the quote now.

i think that would be benefticial for others to see

I’m a clinician, and I have to handwrite notes for Medicare when I see patients covered by it. It’s done separately/in addition to the electronic stuff. It’s a huge pain, figuratively and literally, since my hand is not used to writing any more and it hurts.

Also the joke is on them, since then they have to read my terrible handwriting. I’m sure that works out well with doctors in general…


i can read drs handwritings :smile: but does suck for them in trying to read them. my dr has sent over the computerized one the last visit. it will be interesting the next time i go to see him when i need supplies

That is hilarious.

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Look at page 151 and 152 to see the actual rules. The money quote with respect to your particular comment is

Continued coverage of the insulin pump would require that the patient be seen and evaluated by the treating physician at least every 3 months.

So not an endo necessarily, but it has to be the physician who is treating the diabetes.

These pages also describe additional requirements, including a documented record of at least 4 BG measurements per day, and antibodies or a sufficiently low fasting C-peptide.

I didn’t see anything about handwritten notes in there, but that could possibly be specified in some other document.


i am on Medicare too, and i also use CCS Medical. and yes, i have to abide by the Medicare “rules.” CCS will call my endo to make certain that i have seen him within the past 3 months, and if not, i will have to make an appt to see him or they wont place my order for supplies. but i am very on top of things regarding my appts to the endo, so its never been a problem for me.

what really bothers me is that Medicare use to cover supplies for changing pump sets out every other day; now, they have changed that and you can only change out your site every 3rd day. WTF. you’d think that Medicare would be happy to have such responsible D customers. if it helps our health, it should make more sense. better health equals less complications. more complications means more $$$ for Medicare in the future.

when i started with CCS medical they asked if i change the site every 2 days or 3 days. i do the three days but not sure why they would ask that if it only covers for every third day

they used to cover every 2 days. its only recently that they changed that policy.

ahh ok…i didnt know they changed it recently

Hah! I’m not even allowed to write prescriptions anymore, my staff has to write them for me to sign. Too many calls from the pharmacies asking what I was prescribing.


how are you not allowed to write them when you are the ones prescribing it? that doesnt make sense

If I could write legibly I would still be filling out the prescription forms instead of just signing them.:bowing_man:

but i thought drs werent suppose to lol…i am good at reading drs handwritings. it what i had to learn when i was a medical biller