MEDICARE changes its tune, AGAIN, re: pump supplies

So i needed to order more pump supplies, infusion sets and reservoirs. i usually get enough to change out my set every other day. this is nice b/c i am very lean and this frequent change helps me to avoid scar tissue. yes, i know :rotate, rotate, rotate. i do, but still…

i use CCS Medical for my supplies. they’re great. i use to use them when i was on the DEXCOM, and they took care of all the nitty gritty mundane stuff w/out a glitch. my endo would FAX them my prescription, and then POOF, the supplies were over-nighted and outside my door by the next day.

well, i got a re-order call from CCS this afternoon, and it turns out that Medicare will no longer permit an every-other-day pump change. they will only pay for an every 3rd day change. (not the biggest thing in the world; really a “high-class problem.”)

but the point is: whats up with Medicare ( again) ? who the hell makes these arbitrary decisions? and how much money are they saving by making this allotment change? of course, i have the opportunity to try and have my endo provide good reason why it is medically necessary for me to have the 2 day change, but there is no guarantee that Medicare will oblige.

so, can we pumpers all protest? :wink:

oh, and PS: Medicare will pay for 2 day changes for Reservoirs, just not the Paradigm Silhouettes. whats the sense in that???

i am very curious to know what the “rules” are in other countries around the world.

Hey, I know this off-label, but you know you can re-use those, right? Just move it into a different spot and put in the same one instead of tossing it out.

how on earth can i re-use them? after inserting, i pull the metal needle out, leaving only the plastic cannula in sub-q. are you thinking of the same infusion set as the one that i have? mine is the Paradigm Silhouette 13mm. i can detach it or snap it back into place, but once i remove it from under my skin, it is completely worthless…or so i thought.

are you referring to the reservoirs? b/c i have loads of them.

  1. After inserting the cannula, you keep the insertion needle (stylus).

  2. When you remove the cannula from your body, you don’t throw it out, you clean it with alcohol.

  3. Then you would re-insert the stylus BACK into the cannula.

  4. And then reinsert the whole thing into a different location in your body.

Make sense?

I can take some pictures and do a step-by-step. I have some of Animas/Tandem styles, but I think the only difference is the connection port where it hooks to the reservoir. The cannulas are basically the same.

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deff take some pix. would love to see how you can beat the system. that darned Medicare :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i use CCS medical as well…they prefer 3 day changes. not sure why but that is what i was told. or at least was told that it is better than 2 day changes. The infusion set i use is the contact detach for the animas pump…i know there are similar for other pumps. those are easy to reuse. i just put medical tape over the infusion set to keep it there. ive had to do that a few times and it still works. it is probably not recommended to do but hey each to their own right? Not sure if you are aware but medicare now requires you to see your endo every three months with office notes as well otherwise they wont pay for your diabetic supplies. this is what I was told by CCS medical…that is why i had trouble with getting my supplies and waited 2 months to get them all because of that. finally got them after going to my endo and he sent over the necessary info that was needed. i see him again in january and will have to send over the office notes to CCS medical so they can submit it to medicare