Man with T2 robs a bank to get health insurance - Political Discussion


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Quoted from TiaG - This was an interesting story (and a long read). I’m guessing this is also a bit of a Rorschach test, where you see different takeaways, depending on how you feel about the state of healthcare/insurance and government safety nets in this country. On one hand, it’s kind of ridiculous (to me) that this man got to such a place of desperation before he was able to get help. On the other hand, the reality was that he likely did have options all along to help him get the healthcare he needed; it’s just that unless you somehow get entangled in the criminal justice/mental health system, you may not have access to the people who can help with that incredibly complicated and bureaucratic process. And clearly he made many choices, over a series of years, that led indirectly to his dire situation.


This is obviously a satire piece because since 2010 with the affordable care act everyone has had access to high quality affordable healthcare.