RIP Shane Boyle DKA -- could not afford insulin

I am just horrified to read this story

“Because he moved, Shane lost his Rx benefits, was between doctors and needed insulin for his type 1 diabetes. Shane was waiting for his ACA status to be approved and was stretching out his insulin until he had enough money to pay for his insulin”

It’s a shame that anyone has to be without insulin. Most people never want to ask for help. I wish in this case Shane did. How many of us have excess supplies that we would be happy to part with when someone needed it? I am a firm believer in Pay It Forward. I hope if anyone reading this is ever in need of anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to your tribe. RIP Shane Patrick Boyle


I sure hope this is true in this forum. It’s heart-breaking to read this story.

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I real threat… And prices just keep rising. I will be homeless before my son can’t get the insulin he needs… Even when he’s his own man.


If anyone ever hears about a situation like this, or if anyone on the forum needs anything, please let me know before it is too late. I have enough of everything to share (except test strips, which I can never stockpile because I burn through them too quick).

Two things that would help the DC a lot:

  • The realization that the expiration date is not valid, insulin lasts practically forever
  • The idea that getting a prescription for a bit more insulin than you actually use is helpful

This is beyond sad, this is infuriating. Our healthcare system was in need of tweaking eight years ago, and instead of a fix we are witness to it’s deprecation to unfathomable levels.

This should have never happened in a country with as big a heart and as wealthy as we are.


Amen…when are we going to become the country WE CAN BE? So so tragic about Shane,what a sad waste that didn’t have to happen.


I can’t imagine the stress, anxiety and fear he must have been enduring. It hurts just thinking about it now. :sleepy:

Feeling grateful for the insurance coverage my family has today, for my family and this forum. :sunflower:


Maybe we should create a wiki about emergency insulin access… there’s a lot of people out there that don’t even know they can get R and NPH at Walmart (and now cvs I hear) for $25


I think that is a GREAT IDEA


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I renamed the cheap insulin post and made it a wiki.

I put it in Tips, Tech & Gear" wiki though. Should it go in Medicines wiki instead? And should we make another post pointing to it in the Type 1 and the Type 2 wikis?