Low alert repeat increment on touchscreen G5?

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I received a G5 touchscreen last week but decided not to use it since I couldn’t see any advantages over the push button G5. I’m about to give Dexcom feedback on it and the G5 mobile app. I have a question for someone that’s actively using the touchscreen G5, which is whether the time increment for repeating low alerts is still set at 15 minutes? To me, that’s too long and I think that 5 minute increments would have been much more appropriate. It seems that a new device would have been a great opportunity to change the value. It seems that non-diabetic programmers, engineers and market research people had a lot of input on the G5 hardware and software. If anyone has anything else they’d like me to relay to Dexcom customer service, please let me know. Thanks.

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I know it won’t allow you to have a 5 minute increment, but the old push-button will alert every 5 minutes as long as you don’t turn it off. Is the new one different?

Funny, I still haven’t seen anyone who likes the new one better than the old. Glad I bought the spare old one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I did too :slight_smile:

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Because I received the new G5 but decided not to use it, I too would like to buy a push button G5 on eBay or Craigslist (or from someone on this forum). My push button G5 goes from 0 to 15, 30, 45… minutes for the low alert increment. Since I try to stay above the “urgent low” level (55 mg/dL), I can’t say offhand if the increments at 5 minute intervals. I would hope that it wouldn’t be difficult to change the low alert level increment from 15 to 5 or 10 minutes in the G5 mobile app.

I wish Dexcom had held an open in-person forum for G5 users to describe what they would have wanted on the touchscreen G5 (e.g., a display that rotates based on the orientation of the device). Since I live in San Diego, I would have been glad to drive 20 or 25 miles to give them a user’s input. They also could have solicited comments from any of the many online forums.



The thought has come up before that Dexcom has no interest in making the receiver any better for anyone because they don’t make significant money on the receivers, only on the sensors. Just like a razor blade company makes all their money on the blades not the handles.

The quotes below are from Dexcom’s CEO and COO and were compiled by @Thomas.

Thomas is pretty savvy about Dex’s business strategies and I agree with Thomas - they don’t want to make it better, they just want to be able to manufacture it more cheaply than previous versions and reduce the cost associated with people returning defective units. All these quotes seem to back that believe.

[various conferences and interviews with Dex’s top bosses:]

So for all of us who use the receivers, it’s not great news. We are going to have to deal with crappy receivers, or start using the phone…

Credit to Thomas for finding all of these quotes.


Thanks for relaying Thomas’ insights on Dexcom’s business model. It sucks for me since I don’t always have my cell phone on me and got used to having the G4/G5 hanging from my belt where just a look down would give me a BG reading. I may ultimately have my phone on me at all times.
I’ll let you and the forum know if I hear anything interesting back from Dexcom customer service regarding the G5 touchscreen and what I feel are shortcomings in the hardware and the Android app. If management doesn’t care about much beyond the stock value, then I doubt that customer service will be emotionally invested in the software/hardware.

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Ultimately a lot of people will be going the Apple watch display route I think.