Interesting discussion about Dexcom new developments

Some interesting points in this latest podcast with Kevin Sayer from Dexcom:

  • Dexcom G5 one-button applicator is already in FDA review

  • 15-20 new Android phones will soon become compatible with the Dexcom mobile app

  • Why the A1C metric was removed from Clarity and when it’s coming back

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Dexcom G5x

In the list of exhibits, the User Manual is available which shows the new insertion system. Numerous other changes. Worth the read if you use the Dexcom CGM system.

Wow, thanks so much @Thomas ! It’s kind of trippy that Dexcom has to submit documents to the FCC – but I guess it makes sense because it is a communications device. What a bizarre cyborg world we live in and we barely think about it.

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pp. 93-94 for those who want to scroll to that.

Thanks, @Thomas

If you want to see the details on the Dexcom Touchscreen Receiver

User Guide
for Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System

Initially you might think just a dupe of the G5 but if you scroll through the manual you will see this is the touch screen receiver which is not yet released. The “External Photos” are also obviously different than the Dexcom Receiver you may currently have.

In the podcast, Kevin also stated that the new sensor will be labeled for 10 days with no automatic shutoff. He went on to explain that just like today it is known that the sensor labeled for 7 days is restarted by some people and used for another session, the new sensor although labeled for 10 days would be able to be restarted based on the user decision. So by no automatic shutoff, he means that yes the sensor stops after 10 days (instead of 7 days now) but if the user wants to just hit the restart they can - similar to how they can today.

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I will actually be participating in a month-long study of the new receiver starting this week. I will check with the coordinator about the extent to which I can discuss my experience here.

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If you don’t sign an NDA then you can freely say anything you like.

BTW - @CatLady. Two points I would be interested in is whether the new Dexcom Touchscreen Receiver is capable of receiving the backfill information from the G5 v1.2 transmitter. As well, does the new Dexcom Touchscreen Receiver (still) connect and transmit to Diasend.

Even if you have to sign an NDA and can not disclose at this point, I would be very much interested in your answers when the NDA expires.

oh my goodness, would love to hear your impressions!!

@Thomas, what do you mean by “backfill information”?

The revised G5 v1.2 (transmitter) has an enhancement to store 3 hrs of sensor data (stored onboard the transmitter). If the receiver (whatever the receiver is) is out of range from the transmitter then of course the receiver has no current sensor information. When a receiver capable of receiving the backfill data comes within range of the transmitter than the past 3 hrs (max) of sensor data is sent to the reciever and “backfills” the data points.

The Apple and Android apps when acting as the receiver have this capability. I have personally tested and seen this work on the Apple app version 1.7.1. I have also seen this does not work on the Dexcom Receiver and have confirmed with Dexcom Customer Support that it does not work on the current Dexcom Receiver.

So I am wondering if this might be working on the new touchscreen receiver?

In terms of Diasend, it would appear that Dexcom and Diasend may be parting ways based on Dexcom (apparently) not going to integrate the data collected via the Apple and Android apps into Diasend (USA based). So I am wondering if this would carry over into the new Touchscreen Receiver or if that will still upload.

The two questions are related.

I would like backfill data uploaded into Diasend.

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First impressions on the new receiver: same functionality, a bit easier to use by swiping. So…user still “arrows” up and down for data entry and events are not displayed onscreen. (I am so spoiled by the Dexcom iPhone app!) I was able to pair the study transmitter to my iPhone so the data will still upload to Glooko.

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But can it upload to Diasend and directly from the receiver?
Also were you able to test the backfill on the receiver?

I will need to look into these questions for you, @Thomas.