Looping: a possible strategy for sleep deprivation

Not a tip, just a plan: I intend to start looping within a month. I’m particularly inspired by Renza Scibilia’s experience as reported on her blog https://diabetogenic.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/my-new-diabetes/

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Great, I’ve added that blog post to the Loop wiki page. Happy to hear you’ll start Loop (or OpenAPS, or AndriodAPS?) - will welcome you to the future soon :wink:

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I am with @bkh in terms of plans: we intend to start Loop as well. I see it as the best way to control nights in the future when my son is on his own.

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It will be Loop. I already had an old MM723 with suitable firmware, and got an iPhone, a mac, and a Reillylink. But I made a blunder in ordering pump supplies, so I’m waiting until I get a little closer to my pump supply reorder date. I wanted luer-lock reservoirs for the 723 so that I could use the same infusion sets if I had to switch back to the t:slim. But it turns out that the MM luer-lock reservoirs don’t work in the paradigm pumps, only in the real old pumps.

In deciding which way to go, I was helped by several articles. It seemed that Loop might be a bit simpler and also more convenient when not connected to the internet. But OpenAPS looks delightfully advanced, so it was also an attractive choice.


Some of these articles are a bit dated - DIY systems have advanced pretty quickly over the last year. As is the case with almost anything D-related, these reports may also be a bit biased by personal experiences. The truth is, all DIY systems are really good at this point, and there are many people doing well or extremely well on either one of them. A biased statement: I’ve used OpenAPS first and then Loop for more than 2 years now. Personally, I find Loop very powerful and convenient - works really well for me.

A side note: apologies to @Jen for hijacking the thread in a very different direction. @Michel, maybe time to split this?

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