Loop 3.0 Released

A new version of Loop is being tested for general release according to Pete Schwamb. Pete says it will contain several important fixes to the current Loop 3.0 version. If they follow the stated convention of odd numbers being -dev and even numbers being general release, it should be Loop 3.2. If you’re using any version of Loop, please monitor LoopZulipChat “development” and “announcement” streams to keep informed (https://loop.zulipchat.com) for further.


Or perhaps for a less technical site, just watch Releases · LoopKit/Loop · GitHub


I think everyone knows that the Eros is being discontinued by now. But I know this thread left it up in the air still. So in case anyone still needs to know.


For everyone using Loop, here’s the latest release notification and significant changes:

Loop 3.2 Is released! This contains some very important bug fixes for everyone. If you are running latest dev, you do not need to update, but everyone else running older 3.x versions of Loop should consider upgrading as soon as you can.

Bug Fixes (Please update ASAP):

Updates and new Features:

  • Missed Meal Notifications. If you want, Loop will detect situations where it looks like you may have consumed carbs but did not enter them into Loop, and will notify you with an easy option to enter the amount, and the time of eating already estimated for you. Find this option in the Alert Management section of Loop settings.
  • Tidepool Service added. This lets you upload your diabetes data from Loop to Tidepool! It is in early stages, so there may be issues. Please report any issues you have with this integration on DIY Loop forums, like Zulip, GitHub, or the Looped group.
  • Translations! Loop now has very good coverage for several languages, including German, Spanish, Italian, French, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, and Romanian!
  • A new safeguard restricts automatic dosing to keep your IOB below a limit of 2 times your max bolus. Manual dosing can still be delivered to put your IOB above this amount. Use maxBolus to set automaticDosingIOBLimit by marionbarker · Pull Request #1871 · LoopKit/Loop · GitHub
  • Add missing X-Large watch complications. Add X-Large watch complication by JaredDRobbins · Pull Request #1901 · LoopKit/Loop · GitHub
  • “Deactivate Pod” button on some screens changed to not be so alarming, as it doesn’t actually deactivate the pod, but takes you to a screen where you can, and has an option to cancel: Modify button color by marionbarker · Pull Request #76 · LoopKit/OmniBLE · GitHub

Pete Schwamb put this up in the last 24 hours on LoopZulipChat:

“Another reminder to upgrade to 3.2 (or latest dev) if you are running 3.0, or an earlier dev version. The bugs in that version are very serious, and can cause loop to deliver additional insulin. I still see a lot of people running 3.0 versions being reported in Amplitude.” [Bold added.]

My reading of ZulipChat streams indicates unexpected added insulin depends on which version of which pump you use and it may be a function of how you have Loop, your pump, Apple Health, and other apps set up to share insulin dose data. Note: If you chose to use Loop (any version), please monitor LoopZulipChat for cautions and warnings like the above. You use Loop and associated apps solely at your own risk and you are responsible for monitoring Loop and other program performance and proper functioning.