Liam’s newest coding project (Pong-style game)

Last night, Liam asked me for an idea for something he could code (block coding through Scratch). I told him he should try to create something like the old Pong game…paddle board type game.

I figured he’d come back to me in a week or two with the completed project. Instead, he got it done after school today and just had to show me.



Very cool !!!
My twin nephews (now 22 yo) started using Scratch when they were that age. It was interesting to see how creative and original kids can be.

Of course Pajama Sam and other games were fun too, like learning to solve rubiks cubes.


That’s great! Keep encouraging him to reach out beyond what he thinks he’s capable of…sounds like he’s absorbing a lot of coding info and thinking through the logic well!


Wow, Liam is amazing!!! A mathematician/scientist in the making (actually already made!)! He’s also a superb presenter organizing all of the key points of his project!!! Very impressive!


Liam is super smart. Need to get him on Xcode next, so he can make some Loop upgrades. :grinning:

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The cool thing about Loop is that it’s open source, so when Liam does actually get to the point he’s ready to customize his looping experience, it really will enable him to make Loop completely how he wants it.