Lancets are “deadly weapons”

Sounds like a 6th grader screwing around like they do, to me… instead of “assault with a deadly weapon”

From the outside, it appears that this is a total overreaction. According to the article, the kid found a lancet and started poking the kids around him. He seems to have just horsed around.

But he could also be a bully, and this would be the straw that broke the camel’s back? Speaking for myself, I have no pity for bullies.

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The kid may or may not be a turd, but this is silly. Do you assault your son with a deadly weapon while he is sleeping?

Do I assault myself with a deadly weapon every day many times? It sounds like a young kid goofing around to me… and an inappropriate charge.

Perhaps something like a phone call home and some after school detention in which he could have written an apology and a paper on risks of blood-born pathogens would be more appropriate


In the video report, they report that a diabetic Lancet is used to check insulin levels.

Can’t they get the facts right!!


I agree that it’s an overreaction, but I also understand the “deadly weapon” label now that we live in the era of HIV — like medical professionals have to treat used sharps and patient blood as potentially lethal hazards.


One of the students drew blood from the injury, according to the chief.

If only one student drew blood, I would avoid that brand of lancets like the plague.


None if that could have happened if they had used a Fastclick :slight_smile:


It is really stupid for a kid to do that.

But maybe they are using it to harass other kids. Also, the other people could get infected by the blood.

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Used lancets are dangerous. After about eight months use they become somewhat difficult to remove from the lancing device. Injury may ensue.

After a year it’s almost like they’re soldered in.