Issues transition from injections to pump?

Me again!

I’m curious if there’s anyone around here that had a rough transition from injections to a pump? I’m a freelance journalist and am piecing some info together about that topic.

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I switched back in early 90s. Biggest problem was co-workers asking me why I had a pager and was always “on-call”

I knew another co-worker already on pump, and that really helped with transition, and went very smoothly. I had switched from using NPH + Reg, so had to remember to bolus for lunch without NPH covering it.

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Actually I had a very smooth transition back in 2015. I was very impressed with the training I got - as it does require a significant amount of education to make the transition.


I guess it kind of begs the question what is a rough transition. Most people, my son included, have their basal set very conservatively by their medical team and have a couple week/month transition while they try and dial the basal insulin in. Also, everyone goes through the process of learning what a site failure looks like with varying degrees of success. Finally, the people who seem to have it the worst are those that are allergic to the adhesives in the pump sites. How difficult do you need? That might help focus people.