How to switch from insulin pump to Tresiba?

I’ve brought up this topic before (Pump vs Tresiba). My question is for those that made the switch from Pump to Tresiba is, how did you do it? I’ve talked to several Dr’s and CDE’s and there doesn’t seem to be a consistent answer. I’m hoping someone with experience can shed some light for me. I believe Tresiba can take 3-5 days to take full effect. If so, how do you make the transition from basically no “basal” insulin (pump) to Tresiba? Do you stay on your pump for your basal for a day or two after starting Tresiba? Do you quit cold turkey and just deal/treat high BS with your fast acting insulin until your basal is dialed in? As I’ve stated in previous posts, I have never been on an insulin pump. I’m asking because I get this question all the time and I would like to be able to point people here for their experience. Thanks in advance!

It would make sense to keep the pump basal running, but at an increasingly smaller percentage each day. Maybe something like 75%, 50%, 25%, then zero.

The transition time could have some crappy BG numbers, that’s just how it is when you switch from one thing to another. It takes time for it all to settle out and for someone to figure things out. People need to be prepared for frequent testing and corrections.


Don’t overthink it. Just disconnect the pump at the same time you take your first shot… you may need a bolus correction or two that you otherwise wouldn’t on the first day… but in general my advice would be to just stop pumping and start tresiba 1x daily at same time… I suspect you’ll never look back. If you want to get a little more creative you might take the tresiba and then disconnect the pump a few hours later.

I didn’t switch from a pump myself but I’ve talked to a number of people while doing so and the prevailing tendency is always to come up with some complex transition plan and formula… it doesn’t seem necessary to me. I suspect you’ll love tresiba