Is this legit?

Bought some test strips on Amazon and they arrived with this label on every container, now I am wondering if I bought these from a scammer? ( I am not on Medicaid or Medicare)…

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@John58 Most likely it’s being sold by someone who has a surplus, or has purchased the strips from someone else and is reselling them. I used to get strips that were labelled for Kaiser members only at roughly 50% off on EBay. I also used to buy strips that were targeted towards Asian consumers and shipped form Korea, etc for pennies on the dollar. The product was exactly the same, but the packaging was different and in another language.

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You didn’t buy them from a scammer, but rather a grey market salesman. Interestingly, in most states it isn’t illegal to sell strips that insurance pays for, but is rather unsavory. I saw a report on the TV on this a while ago, and one of the salesman said he made money, but felt a little bad about it. Obviously, local rules prevail, check with your individual state before deciding on legality.


I’ve got a few on amazon like that , as contour next strips often seem to come with that, but I don’t get upset about it. If anyone really wants to fight me, I’m on medicaid and until recently my strips weren’t actually covered by my plan, only one touch. Likely some lucky person’s surplus or they switched brands and had to get money somehow back on it. It is a grey market thing, like Chris said, but it’s not exactly illegal or problematic. It’s the same strips in my experience.


I believe it is routine in the United States. I’ve purchased Contour test strips from Amazon as well as the corresponding meters and they all, I think, had similar stuff attached.

Go figure. We have a broken health care system but we will die unless we use it.