Is there any side effect of Glucophage 500 mg?

I have purchased my diabetes medicine from an online pharmacy, its working fine… my diabetes is in control now. I just want to know is there any side effect of taking Glucophage 500 mg regularly ?

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Welcome, @venus6884!

The generic name for Glucophage is metformin. I assume you are a type 2 PWD?

Metformin is a very common drug that does not have, in general, many side effects. It may cause mild stomach upsets, slight nausea, diarrhea, gas and related symptoms etc. Do note that, among other things:

  • it may cause low blood sugar if you are nursing (dangerous)

  • I have read something to the effect that there is not enough research to ensure safety if you are pregnant

  • you are supposed to limit your consumption of alcohol when taking metformin to reduce chances of lactic acidosis and low blood sugar

  • a common recommendation is to stay well hydrated when on Metformin, which, I am sure, many PWDs neglect

  • your doctor may refuse to prescribe metformin if you have kidney or liver issues, or breathing problems

A more complete write-up is available on WebMD:

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Welcome to FUD @venus6884!

Some are even touting metformin as having beneficial effects beyond diabetes. Dr. Barzilai is doing research on it.

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metformin feels like aspirin these days: it seems that every few months a fresh study touts a new, unknown benefit :slight_smile:

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Metformin (Glucophage) can also cause diarrhea and vomiting


Serious and common reactions to metformin:

lactic acidosis
anemia, megaloblastic

Common Reactions
abdominal discomfort
metallic taste
ovulation induction