Metformin and diarrhea

I had a five year issue with almost uncontrollable diarrhea. No one, not the PCP nor a dietitian nor a gastroenterologist could solve it. Went to an endocrinologist for my diabetes and asked him about it - he immediately switched me to Jardiance and problem solved!!

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Wow, that is amazing, and good to know. Horrifying to me however, that you had do deal with that for 5 years. My you have more stamina than I.

That is interesting. I have not heard about that, but thanks for sharing the potential link. There are some other people here who take Metformin, so it’s good to know of possible issues.

@krallison Diarrhea is actually a common side affect for Metformin. For most it subsides in several weeks. For others, like you and me, it never does. For some there is a complete intolerance which includes projectile expulsion from any available orifice. Glad you finally got off the Metformin.

@elver it was a life changing event, getting off it and I will never use it again no matter what. Thanks for your good wishes.


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