Metformin in Type 1 Patients Slows Development of Heart Disease

“For the first time, this study has shown metformin has additional benefit beyond improving diabetes control when given to patients with relatively well controlled type 1 diabetes. We have established the drug increases patient’s own vascular stem cells, which will help delay or slowdown heart disease.…The study showed that all the patients in the study had their insulin doses reduced after taking metformin and have not suffered any serious adverse effect…”

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I obviously don’t read enough. This is great research. @britt_j, thanks SO MUCH for putting this up.


The same is true for the SGLT-2 drugs, although use of then is off label for T1.

I had been taking metformin as an adjunct for about five years when my new endo switched me to Jardiance. I did experience a slight lowering of insulin requirement, and nighttime glycemic variance was reduced with Jardiance.

The FDA press release is here:

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