Interesting Research - New Immune Cell Discovery

Pretty interesting work. Hopefully another piece to the puzzle. And we can all sleep better at night knowing that this work wasn’t done on our easy to cure diabetic mice friends. /s


Very interesting!

Fascinating stuff! Immunology is such an amazing field of research.
On a side note, I wasn’t aware that HLA-DQ8 was involved in diabetes as well. I knew about its association with celiac disease.

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This might be very interesting for those who are looking into growing insulin producing cells from stem cells. If they can identify that “monster” in our immune response they might be able to eliminate it? Otherwise those insulin producing cells would fall victim to it as well.

Another group is DRI. I might not see any benefits of it, but it looks very promising as in looking for a cure and prevention not a “life-long medication”.

BTW, I just heard this curse word again, “Life long medication”. This time for my dog who has a droopy eye with discharge. “Please continue both the medications in right until otherwise directed. The cyclosporine will be a life long medication.” The Pharma industries at their best.


I only knew it was involved with diabetes because when I was first diagnosed w/t1, I already had celiac disease, and someone mentioned the common comorbidity of the two.